Covid 19 - safe & peaceful
Ensuring a safe and peaceful stay:
this is what we are committed to doing for you.

If you are thinking of choosing the Costa del Loco Residence for your next holidays, we have good news for you: we want you to be relaxed, to enjoy yourself at best your holidays and that you can safely overcome the isolation experienced so far. We want to keep intact the spirit of natural and spontaneous conviviality and hospitality family that have always distinguished us:

How do we plan to do this?

It is very simple: trying to make the most of the features which Costa del Loco naturally possesses, its enviable location surrounded by nature and perfecting good cleaning practices e sanitization that we have always followed.

Structure size:

we have 26 apartments all with private outdoor space, the assembly is excluded in itself.

Room sanitization:

at each change the apartments will be cleaned and sanitized respecting the new anti-void protection devices and devices 19.


the rooms are equipped with all the necessary linen; for washing we use an external laundry that by its nature implements safe industrial processes.


we have a large outdoor area dedicated to catering (usable even in bad weather) where we can implement the expected spacing. We offer restaurant service for dinner, in a manner optional and daily reservation so you can decide freely how to spend your days. The culinary offer is mainly regional fixed menu and the evening with pizza is not missing.


we also use the large porch to serve breakfast, the Buffet service will be handled by our avoiding staff the natural gathering of guests around the buffet table.

Use of swimming pool and external equipment:

we have an area large enough to accommodate max 30 swimmers simultaneously, and in any case the umbrellas will be already prepared in compliance with the anti-contagion safety distances. The reservation of the place / umbrella will still be mandatory. It is imperative to use the cap and the shower before diving into the water.

Protective equipment and materials:

the devices required by law such as disinfectant gel, surgical gloves and masks are available to all staff and guests.

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